School Organistion


Layout of the School

Newminster Middle School is a predominantly single storey building. We have 15 teaching classrooms and 7 specialist teaching rooms for science, music, art, technology, computing. In addition to this we have a main hall and school gym. The school is built around a central quad that can be used as an additional outdoor teaching space when the weather allows. Our SEND department is based in the ‘Learning Loft’ where there is a classroom and smaller ‘break out’ spaces.

Map of the School

Newminster Map Jan 2015

The House System

All children in the school belong to one of 4 houses. Each house is identified by a colour which is replicated in the uniform polo shirt that students wear. Whilst students work for the majority of their time in year groups, we run a programme of house activities that enable and encourage students to work alongside students from different year groups.


Key Stage 2 Teaching Groups

Years 5 & 6

In Year 5 there are 4 tutor groups.

In Year 6 there are 4 tutor groups.

In Key Stage 2 the children have a high proportion of their lessons in their tutor room (approximately 65%) with the remaining curriculum time being taught by subject specialist teachers. For English and maths students are taught in 5 teaching groups.

We feel that allowing children to remain in their tutor room for a high proportion of lessons helps students to make a smooth transition from first to middle school, whilst also allowing students to develop their independence.

Key Stage 3 Teaching Groups

Years 7 & 8

In Year 7 there are 4 tutor groups.

In Year 8 there are 4 tutor groups.

In Key Stage 3 the children move around the school to their lessons with specialist subject teachers.

Moving around school for different lessons gives the children the responsibility of following a specialist timetable, and we feel that this is good preparation for the high school. Students are encouraged to develop greater levels of independence and personal organisation.