Our School

Welcome to Newminster Middle School.

We are proud of being a school at the heart of the local community. Whilst promoting a collective ethos of fulfillment, individual value and enjoyment, we acknowledge that our young people are individuals who possess differing strengths but who have a common entitlement.

Our purpose is clear and straightforward; to provide a learning environment in which we facilitate the best possible variety of opportunities and challenges to enable all students to achieve their potential.

Newminster Middle School is a 9-13 school situated in Morpeth, Northumberland. It has a wide catchment area which includes the town of Morpeth and the surrounding area.

The school was built in 1944 and has had significant work carried out to improve its facilities over time.

Children at Newminster Middle School enjoy a wide range of activities which extends their experiences in many parts of the curriculum.

We hope you find our website both useful and informative. We strive to continually keep the information on this site as up to date as possible and welcome any feedback that you may have

We are rightly proud of our school and look forward to meeting and working with you.

Map of the School

Newminster Map Jan 2015

The House System

All children in the school belong to one of 4 houses. Each house is identified by a colour which is replicated in the uniform polo shirt that students wear. Whilst students work for the majority of their time in year groups, we run a programme of house activities that enable and encourage students to work alongside students from different year groups.


Key Stage 2

Years 5 & 6

In Year 5 there are 4 tutor groups.

In Year 6 there are 4 tutor groups.

In Key Stage 2 the children have a high proportion of their lessons in their tutor room (approximately 70%) with the remaining curriculum time being taught by subject specialist teachers. For English and maths students are taught in 5 groups.

We feel that allowing children to remain in their tutor room for a high proportion of lessons helps students to make a smooth transition from first to middle school, whilst also allowing students to develop their independence.

Key Stage 3

Years 7 & 8

In Year 7 there are 4 tutor groups.

In Year 8 there are 4 tutor groups.

In Key Stage 3 the children move around the school to their lessons with specialist subject teachers.

Moving around school for different lessons gives the children the responsibility of following a specialist timetable, and we feel that this is good preparation for the high school. Students are encouraged to develop greater levels of independence and personal organisation.