Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance

The CEIAG (Careers education information and guidance) programme at Newminster aims to offer our students the opportunity to have meaningful encounters with employers and employees from a range of different sectors throughout their time at the school. Through our rich and varied curriculum, we aim to provide students with opportunities to develop key skills which will help them in the workplace.
Our strategy is to leave no stone unturned when looking for support from external partners whether it be parents, universities or local businesses. If you are able to offer support in any of our planned events please contact Mrs Razzaqi.
Here is a flavour of what we do:-

Linking the curriculum learning to careers 

First and foremost we aim to make the curriculum engaging and placing a context on the learning.
  • Food technology- students take part in a competition which leads to competing in the local heats of the ‘Future Chef’ finals.
  • English- Author visits and poetry master classes to name a few activities.
  • Computing- Visit HP offices and code club.

Encounters with employers and employees

We draw upon the support from a range of local partners in assisting with driving our careers strategy forward.
  • 26 Business Ambassadors came to support our annual Enterprise day (whole school event)
  • By the time our students leave us they will have encountered 20 STEM workshops run by STEM Ambassadors (from local universities; business; NHS) through British Science day. 
  • Workshops are wide and varied and include input from the Navy/RAF/Police/Army to give a flavour of life in these sectors. 
  • All year 8 students undertake a 6 week DLE (Deep Learning Experience) Careers project where they visit the KEVI 6th form, Newcastle College and Newcastle University to explore future pathways in their education. 

Local Democracy 2018

On Friday 19th October, Local Councillors were invited into school, as part of ‘Local Democracy Week 2018’ to offer Year Seven Students the opportunity to pose questions to a panel of County Councillors.

Councillor Beynon, Councillor Towns, Councillor  Byard and Councillor Tebbbutt were keen to engage with our students and offer an insight into their own roles as well as tackling local issues. This project was delivered in collaboration with the Northumberland Youth Service.

Year 8 Careers Conference

On Friday 5th October, Year 8 students entered the world of work and for the first time ever, the annual Careers Conference took place at Linden Hall.

The core purpose of the day was to provide students with the opportunity to engage with employers from a range of different sectors.  The day is a central part of the careers programme for Year 8 students as they will soon embark on their journey towards high school education and be required to make GCSE choices very early on.  We hope that this day. along with various other planned events in Year 8 will help prepare the students to make informed career choices for the future.  The event highlighted alternative careers pathways such as apprenticeships as well as the more traditional routes into employment.

The careers speed dating session involved students grilling employers and Business Ambassadors from a range of local employment sectors to get a flavour of career pathways and typical working days.

The afternoon workshops were delivered by Northumberland Fire and Rescue, Police, RAF and the Navy.  The workshops highlighted all of the different roles in various organisations as well as key skills needed to be successful and addressed common misconceptions.

Liz Kinninment, Headteacher at Newminster Middle School, gave a keynote speech to launch the day’s activities.

At Newminster we are committed to encouraging students to think about their future careers from a very early stage.  Being able to offer students the opportunity to experience a live working environment like this is invaluable.  The experience certainly opens their eyes to the possibilities available and will hopefully help inspire their future career choices.”

The conference day was delivered in partnership with Northumberland Business and Education Partnership and we would like to thank all of the businesses that made the day a success.

Contributors for the speed dating activity included

  • NCC
  • NCC Apprentices
  • Newcastle College
  • Interserve
  • Newcastle University
  • HMRC
  • RAF
  • Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service
  • Police Service
  • British Army
  • Robertsons

Here is what the students had to say:

“There are a lot more job opportunities in some jobs that you wouldn’t expect”

“It was an inspiring day”

” I have a new understanding of my future career”




‘Bring it On’ Event

A group of Year 8 pupils attended the Bring It On event at the Beacon of Light in Sunderland on Thursday 4th October. The event showcased many exciting engineering businesses and opportunities across the North East and aimed to inspire, educate and motivate pupils to explore Engineering as a future career.
Pupils took part in many exciting activities including gaming demonstrations, using 3D plastic printing, creating cable structures, operating machinery and using virtual reality headsets.
Pupils really enjoyed the event and came away with lots of inspiration for their future careers.


Year 8 ‘Big Bang Fair’ Competition success

Congratulations to all of our Big Bang Fair Competition Entrants – on Thursday 4th October they presented their CREST STEM projects to judges at the Regional Fair, which was part of the ‘Bring It On’ exhibition at the Beacon of Light in Sunderland. Pupils spoke confidently about their work, the judges were extremely impressed and two projects were awarded with prizes. One of our projects will be representing the North East at the Big Bang Fair National Finals 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham, and these pupils have also been invited to a special event at Parliament next month. Well done everyone, we are very proud of you.

Guy Bass – Author Visit


On November 9th, Year 5 children were treated to an energetic and entertaining performance from Guy Bass, award-winning author of the Spynosaur, Stitch Head and Dinkin Dings series.

Guy explained that his books reflect the way he pictured the world as he was growing up and confessed that he created the Spynosaur series to indulge his childhood ambition to be a dinosaur!

Guy drew upon his background in the theatre to debunk some of the white lies we tell our children – carrots help you see in the dark; spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them; the ice cream van plays its jingle when it has run out of ice cream – and reduced the audience to helpless laughter with his portrayal of an aggressive spider!

Aided by a member of the audience dressed as Spynosaur, he rounded off his performance with a lively reading from his latest novel, Goldenclaw and took time to have a proper conversation with every child that had bought one of his books.

We all enjoyed this event enormously and the clips will give you a flavour.

Year 7 ‘Energy Quest’

On Tuesday 14th November, all Year 7 students took part in an Energy Quest workshop ‘The Energiser Event’.

The STEM workshop included hands-on activities, careers information and stories from real engineers working in energy.

Concepts of energy generation, sustainability and technologies were explored and pupils were left with exciting ideas to explore.

Local Democracy Week

On Monday 9th October, 16 members of the Newminster Student Voice went along to the Council Chambers as part of Local Democracy Week. During the course of the day the Student Voice deepened their understanding of youth democracy opportunities such as the Youth Cabinet, Youth Parliament, and the national youth consultation – ‘Make Your Mark’. All the students passionately campaigned about issues which they cared about.

Many of the students prepared questions to pitch to the local Councillors Dodd, Thorne, Murray, Dunbar and Moore.

Abbie and Tom proudly received a certificate of participation at the end of the day. The visit was followed up by workshops for our KS2 students on Thursday 12th October.

Year 5 Hopes and Dreams Day

Year 5 had a full day dedicated to thinking about their future careers and study pathways during the ‘Hopes and Dreams Day’ on 30th June 2017. The purpose of the day was to raise an awareness of a range of different careers.

This is the first year that we have trialled a full day of CEIAG (Careers education information and guidance) for our year 5 students and the day proved to be popular with the students.

Here are some quotes from the students…

“It was a fun way to think about what you want in your future.” Lily

“Amazing day and it really helped me to think about what I could do in the future.” Anna

“I enjoyed the police workshop and looking at all of their equipment.” Elliot

The event was supported by a range of organisations as outlined below.

  • NERAP (North East Raising Aspiration Partnership) – An organisation that works in partnership and on behalf of all of the North-East Universities – they facilitated a fun, interactive activity that outlined the benefits of higher education, focusing on the careers it can open up
  • British Army – a variety of army equipment was brought in for the students to see / touch and try on. This included clothing / webbing / power suits / headsets etc. They also brought along a Land rover vehicle so that students could take a look inside
  • Northumbria Police – A hands on and interactive session. The session explored separate roles within Northumbria Police
  • Accenture (IT and technology company) – The team from Accenture outlined who they are and what they do as a business. They will be brought mini robots for students to programme and test.

National Women in Engineering Day

National Women in Engineering Day was set up by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) to celebrate its 95th anniversary.

The premise of the day is based on highlighting the  great opportunities for women in engineering, at a time when it has never been more important to address the engineering skills shortage.

The  year 7 girls took part in a full day of activities on 13th J

une to celebrate International women in engineering day. Throughout the day the girls were involved in a themed ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ activity where they carried out a range of practical activities and problem solving exercises to avoid getting infected by the zombie virus!

The RAF roadshow at the end of the day gave all the KS3 girls and insight into a range of careers in the RAF.

We would like to thank the following organisations for their support during the day by sending out Ambassadors to either run or support activities.

  • Nissan Sunderland
  • Institute of civil engineers
  • MWH Global
  • Teeside university
  • RAF engineering roadshow

A special thank you to Fritha Bevin-McCrimmon for facilitating the Zombie Apocalypse

Here are some quotes from the girls..

“My favourite part of the day was the RAF presentation, I might end up joining!”- Louise

“Girls can do it too”-Fran

“It has made me think about my future and what I want to be”-Chloe

“I really enjoyed today, because the theme was fun” Amelia

Children’s crime writer, Robin Stevens, visits!

On the penultimate day of the last half term, children’s crime writer, Robin Stevens, visited our combined Year Five. She talked about her early inspirations, explained how to construct a murder mystery and helped her young audience put together and solve a dastardly crime set in a museum!

We discovered that Hazel, one half of the Wells & Wong Detective Agency, is modelled on Robin’s teenage self. Robin felt as though she’d been transported back one hundred years when, newly arrived from America and aged thirteen, she found herself at Cheltenham Ladies’ College. Just like Robin, Chinese Hazel finds the food, traditions and uniform at Deepdean School for girls bizarre, hates the English weather and playing games in the rain and feels clumsily out of place.

To comfort herself at boarding school, Robin read voraciously, devouring Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle mysteries. It’s not surprising that superior, calculating Daisy – the self-styled leader of the detective duo – is based on Sherlock Holmes while self-effacing Hazel takes the role of Watson and narrates the stories.




As a teenager, Robin was struck by the impossibility of solving Agatha Christie crimes and tries to emulate this style in her own writing – a fact that may contribute to the wide appeal of her work. A great number of students already had books by Robin Stevens and are eagerly awaiting publication of the next one. Now they can put a face and a personality to the author!