Instrumental/Vocal tuition with Music Partnership North Autumn Term 2019

We would like to offer students the opportunity to take part in instrumental / vocal music lessons in school starting in the autumn term.




Northumbrian pipes

Percussion (drum kit)


Guitar (Electric, Acoustic, Bass)




Brass (trumpet, cornet, trombone, tuba, horn, baritone)



Please note that other instruments may be available if viable group sizes can be achieved. If your child wishes to learn an instrument not listed above, then please contact Music Partnership North to discuss further.

Lessons take place weekly, during the school day, either individually or in groups of up to 4 and are of 30 minutes duration. We deliver up to 33 lessons over the academic year.

The cost of tuition equates to £6.25 per lesson for a shared lesson or £17.50 for an individual lesson. We have a limited number of instruments for hire, although we do not hire percussion or keyboards. The cost of instrument hire is £23.00 per term unless your child qualifies for free school meals or is a looked after child in which case hire is free. Additional costs will need to be considered such as the purchase of a tutor book, valve oil for a brass instrument and replacement strings for violins. Please visit our website at, for full terms and conditions and additional information on instrument hire.

Parents wishing to purchase an instrument can do so through us without paying VAT. This is called an Assisted Purchase Scheme and details of this can be found on our website together with links to various organisations who may be able to offer financial assistance.

If you would like to register your child for lessons then please visit Once you have completed the registration process we will allocate your child to a lesson and forward details of the day and time and how lessons can be paid for.  This information will be sent out at the start of the autumn term. Registration must be completed before 7th September 2019.

If you have any questions concerning tuition or registration, please contact Lesley Scott at the office on 01670 624045.

Please note the steel pan lessons are provided by a different supplier and you need to sign up for them separately. Please see Ms Jones if you need further details about this.

Trust Expansion Consultation

Over the course of the last year the Board of The Three Rivers Learning Trust and the Governing Bodies of schools within the Morpeth Education Partnership have been exploring the most beneficial way forward for schools that have expressed an interest in joining the Learning Trust.

Please click here to see the letter to parents/carers.

You can also find a Frequently Asked Questions document here.

Consultation begins today, Monday 9 October until Monday 13 November at 4pm.

The Rocky Monster Show

IMG_0295 (1)Monday 19th June – 6:30pm, Tuesday 20th June – 6:30pm

Pupils at Newminster and Chantry have been rehearsing ready to perform the musical ‘The Rocky Monster Show’ in June.

Tickets will be available for the ‘The Rocky Monster Show’ performances at the school offices from Monday 15th May (strictly morning break times only). The tickets are priced at £4 adult and £3 child / OAP.

About the ‘The Rocky Monster Show’…..

Bizarre, anarchic and very funny, this Rock ‘n’ Roll musical is a riotous mix of the Addams Family, Young Frankenstein and Phantom of the Opera, with Rebecca and The Rocky Horror Show thrown in for good measure!

Baron Frankenstein’s descendant, and ex-pop star turned professor of Genetics, creates DNA moulds of people in his computer. How these moulds come to life as the ultimate Rock Group, headed by a clone of Elvis himself is the highlight of the hilarious plot.

More traditional monsters also add spice to the explosive mixture. Audience and cast will love the Rock ‘n’ Roll score, much of which is an affectionate send-up of the 60’s.

The 9th Mini Literary Quiz

The 9th Mini Literary Quiz

– the only local interschool competition that gives children, who’ve always loved to read, a chance to display their knowledge and win prizes for it!

Twenty-six teams of students and two teams of staff from Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland took part in this year’s Mini Lit Quiz in Morpeth. The Quiz is modelled on the Kids Lit Quiz (UK) with both individual and team prizes, but has six rounds instead of ten and its own unique style.  Each round of ten questions follows a particular literary theme but, unlike the KLQ, there is also a Pictionary round featuring picture clues, a stand-alone round and between-round elimination competitions for cash prizes.

The first round, which was all about numbers, produced some high scores – including a perfect 10 for Staff B – the only one of the competition!  Chantry C won this round outright and, if they’d played their Joker, they would have clinched the competition before it had really got going!  However, only Gosforth East C took advantage of this relatively easy round to double their score and take the lead.

Marden Bridge excelled in the Sports round, both A and D teams tying with the highest scores.  Sadly, neither team played their Joker – unlike Gosforth Central B and Dr Thomlinson C, whose doubled scores propelled them into joint first place, relegating Gosforth East C to third.   Marden Bridge D went on to win this round on a tiebreaker.

The Pictionary round, as always, turned out to be a real game-changer. More than half of the twenty-eight teams played their Joker but…. found it much harder than they expected!  Newminster C and Dr Thomlinson B tied on 9, wisely played their Jokers and pushed themselves into joint third place. (Staff A, also with 9, must have regretted not playing theirs!)  Marden Bridge A and D, playing very consistently, soared to the top of the leader board and Dr Thomlinson B won the round on a tiebreaker.

In round 4, the students proved to have far more knowledge than the staff about what goes on in garages and sheds!  No fewer than five teams tied with the highest scores but Marden Bridge A and D clung on to the top two places of the leaderboard.  Ovingham A bounced back into the reckoning, tied with Dr Thomlinson B and D. Newminster D won this round on yet another tiebreaker.

The penultimate round on Being Different floored nearly everyone.  Ovingham A pushed Marden Bridge D into joint third place, which they lost in a tiebreaker to Newminster D.  Chantry D won this round as other teams with the same score had already won prizes.

The final stand-alone picture round on Publisher’s Logos was won by a team of two, Gosforth East C, after teams that had already won prizes were eliminated.

Marden Bridge A won the contest with an unassailable lead of 3½ points over Ovingham A, who came second. Separated by only 1 point, Newminster A came third after a nail-nibbling tiebreaker.  Marden Bridge D, made up to strength with students from Dr Thomlinson and Chantry, performed brilliantly and their excellent team spirit really paid off!

Nearly every school had at least one team in the top ten positions, which shows how closely matched they were and it was good to see lots of Y6 teams gaining experience for next year. The staff teams were evenly matched as usual but Staff B’s secret weapon – a librarian – gave them the advantage.  Well done to them!

Teams that win the top three places aren’t eligible for a round prize, so the final results are as follows:

First Marden Bridge A Round 1 Chantry C
Second Ovingham A Round 2 Marden Bridge D (¼ Chantry)
Third Newminster A Round 3 Dr Thomlinson B
Round 4 Newminster D
Round 5 Chantry D
Round 6 Gosforth East C

This was the last Quiz for our amazing Year 8s – Iona, Anna, Will and Tom – who were split between different teams this year. Do we have anyone to take their place and carry us to victory next year?  We might find out at the regional heat of the Kids’ LitQuiz in Gosforth in November!

If you have always been an avid reader of a wide range of books and would like to have a go at the Quiz, let us know!

A big THANK YOU goes to Alice and Tallula who worked tirelessly, keeping the markers, adjudicators and data team supplied with answer sheets and refreshments, taking superb photos and generally making sure they were always in the right place at the right time.  Girls you were indispensable!

Thank you also to our student marshals, who waited patiently for half an hour before the Quiz to welcome our visitors and ensure that none of them got lost, and then saw them safely away at the end!  You are a great team!



School of Rock

On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th June 2019 Newminster and Chantry pupils and staff performed the musical ‘School of Rock’ to sold out audiences!

Please click here to read further.




International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focuses attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry.

We celebrated this day on 11th June involving 90 girls across key stage three to take part in the ‘Gimme’ event hosted by Nissan. Gimme (Girls in Monozukuri, Manufacturing and Engineering) is a set of focused activities to encourage girls to consider careers in manufacturing and engineering. The girls learned about some of the alarming statistics about the uptake of engineering by girls and the fact that the North East alone is expected to have 20,000 vacancies in Manufacturing and Engineering in the next 5 years.

In the afternoon the girls came back to school for an afternoon of activities building spaghetti towers (which were later tested by an earthquake and wind test for stability) with the assistance of 3 engineers who talked about their pathways and inspirations for embarking on their chosen career pathways.

Here are some quotes for the day:-

“I am more aware that women can be engineers’

“Today showed me all of the jobs that you can do in the engineering industry”

“It was nice seeing women in engineering roles today”

“We learned about the different jobs at Nissan and some history about the company”

Morpeth Junior Netball Club

If you enjoy playing or are interested in playing Netball and in Year 5 or below Morpeth Junior Netball Club are looking to set up a new High 5 section.

Please here for further information.

Newminster Bike Week

Free Biker’s Breakfast for every pupil or staff member who rides their bike or scooter to school – (please refer to p.16 in the school planner to ensure you are following safe cycling)- and remember to wear your helmet, stay safe near roads and bring a lock!

Click here for further information.