Untitled. By Ciara McLarnon

My friend
I believe you will grow,
We will grow.
No protesting
Our conquest to live,
To stop this war.
We will grow
You will grow,
Your life as your message
On behalf of those,
They will grow,
We will grow.
Deception and aggression
Resolves in considerable urge
To reduce humanity…
They will grow

Untitled. By Elija Englehardt

The inspiration for this poem came from two famous letters.  Firstly Ghandi’s letter to Hitler, written in 1939, urging him to re-consider declaring war. The second, written during World War 1, by Siegfried Sassoon, protesting against the political errors which were prolonging the war.

Aggression and agony,
One cannot happen without the other,
We must stop.

Unjust evil,
Will never go away
It must stop

Savage humanity –
Some of us will always be like this
Try to stop.

Suffering troops
Because of our aggression
Please stop!

Powerful defiance,
Done by those who are evil,
Please stop now!

Success and forgiveness
A great trait for all
Please don’t stop.

Who last sat on this bench? By Casey Dixon

Who last sat on this bench?
A question with endless answers…

The two strangers in an awkward silence?
The lonely old woman weeping over the
Emptiness of the other side?

The tears that dried when the sun came out,
The abandoned sorrows, sadness and doubt…

The joy that left the bench the same time as its owners.
The happiness and lust subsiding as
Two teenagers share their first kiss.

A memorial bench disrespected, washed down with water.
A child taking adventurous steps, clinging to their parent’s hand.

But when the sun goes down and rises again –
It’s just another day
A mark has not been made,
This will not be remembered.