Deep Learning Experience (DLE)

Final-DLE-wheel-400x400-2Deep Learning Experience (DLE) embraces a range of best practices designed to develop a broad range of skills impacting on the outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda and developing skills for later life. Pupils’ personal development comes through engaging in activities which set out to encourage independence, adaptability, imagination and curiosity and providing opportunities to contribute positively to their school or local community. DLE sessions take place on Friday afternoons.

Examples of DLE Projects in 2013 include:


Safety sessions for Y5

This DLE is designed to increase the student’s awareness of safety and well-being. In this topic the students will learn about road safety, e-safety and they will learn about the emergency services. Students recently enjoyed a visit to the fire station.

Make Your Money Grow

Set up your own business and generate as much money as possible. During this DLE session students will consider target markets and product design. Budgeting will be an essential part of the project and the students will present their sales, costs and profit information to their peers.

Young Sports Leaders Award

In this session students develop the confidence to take part in different physical activities and learn about the value of healthy, active lifestyles

Film & Animation Club

dle_film_and_animation_club_267_200_JPGStudents take inspiration from film club to direct their own animations.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor nature activities, which provide the students with a gateway into the natural world. Pupils will participate in games, team building activities and wilderness skills such as shelter building, camp fire cookery and orienteering.

Howard Castle Care Home Visits

The students organise a coffee afternoon at the Howard Castle Care Home for some of the residents there. This is an excellent opportunity for the pupils to demonstrate a caring and mature approach and to develop their communication skills.