My People. By Eve Haines

I come from people who sing,
Without realising they’re singing.
I come from Teachers and Vicars and Doctors,
The type who think at home about their patients at work.
Some of my people have argued with war.
Sometimes I look back at them and want to become my past.
They were the people who looked anger in the face,
And radiated calm.

I come from a line of women who told their children
That different was normal.
I come from a line of women who care for children
Who aren’t their own,
And men who bring people into a new life.

If I knew who my people were before women were allowed to work,
They would have made work out of their lives anyway.
In the time of slavery, my people would seek truth in all the lies.
If I knew my people before women were allowed the vote, the men would have voted for them.
In the time of casual racism, my people would feel anger at this inequality.

Some of my people know everybody they need to know.
They are the type who will fight for the next generation.
My people are Artists-we talk to the beauty of the world.