Proud to be British. By The Year 8 Writer’s Club

We are the British,
We are the proud.
We will not allow obstacles to
Block our place of aspiration.
Britain is not paper –
We will not be torn apart.
Britain is not glass –
We will not shatter.
Britain is not a leaking vessel –
We will not sink.

Britain is iron.
Britain will not collapse.
We will pick up our lives
And continue with our democratic journey –
Our refusal to be contaminated by terror.
We will prevail against invisible hate.

Britain is united,
Fear only brings us closer.
Britain is strong,
This will only make us stronger.
Remove our keystone –
We will not fall.
Our pride in Britain and Britishness
Is our sword and shield.
We will carry them into battle
As protection for our values.
We retaliate with words,
As pilgrims for freedom throughout the Nation.

We will not cower.
We will not give in to their ways.
We will continue on.