Cafe Scientifique is a success and offered to any students who are interested. See below for some examples of our guest speakers and their subject area:

Guest Speaker Workplace Topic
Professor Harry J. Gilbert Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences
The Medical School
Newcastle University
Enzymes and sustainable energy
Sara Marsham School of Marine Science and Technology
Newcastle University
Oceans in Trouble
Peter Allan Geomarine Ltd Geomarine Scientist:
Clients include oil and gas and renewable energy
Companies and their contractors building structures and laying pipes or cables for them.
How do we survey the seabed and investigate seabed soils? We use the data to design foundations for structures and to help understand how we can best bury cables and pipelines into the seabed. Most of our work is in Northern Europe but we get jobs around the world (Australia, Vietnam, Brazil, West Africa…)
Robert Condliffe Engineer Careers in engineeringI started off as an instrument maker but have worked in a range of different areas come and find out more.
Steve Locks Works at the Freeman Hospital Physics in Healthcare
Find out about my role in surgical procedures within a hospital

NMS - Sara Marsham NMS - Mr Allen






Sara Marsham                                                       Peter Allan

Bringing 17th Century Science back to the 21st is a collaborative project with Newcastle University Robinson Library and the University outreach labs. The students had the opportunity to see some original literary masterpieces:

NMS - 17th century science (2)_resize[1] NMS - 17th century science (1)_resize[1]NMS - 17th century science_resize[1]

Science Showcase at Regional and National Big Bang Fair:

NMS - Big bang fair showcase (1)_resize[1]NMS - big bang fair showcase (3)_resize[1] NMS - North East Big Bang Fair

NMS - big bang fair showcase_resize[1]

NMS - big bang fair showcase (2)_resize[1]