Transition Arrangements

What you can expect

We will do everything possible to ensure that your child’s needs are identified early, before transfer, and support measures will be put in place on entry. The SENDCo and Head of Year 5 will meet with the SENDCo from the feeder school to discuss the specific needs of your child. If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs, or an Education, Health and Care Plan, there will already have been a ‘phase change’ review meeting, held when your child was in Year 3 or Year 7. This is carried out at an early stage to allow parents and staff to carefully plan the transition which will take place at the end of Year 4 or Year 8.

Additional support will be offered by a Home School Link Worker, designated to each school, to ease the transition of some children who may feel more anxious or be vulnerable. Extra visits, before transfer, will enable your child to feel confident and secure. Targeted support, after transfer, will ensure that your child does not ‘flounder’ and is given the best possible opportunity to succeed.

Year 4 children are invited to a number of transfer activities including Technology Taster sessions, a Mini Sports Day organised by our Young Sports Leaders, literacy/numeracy sessions led by some of our Year 5 staff, and a general ‘getting to know you’ day organised by the Year 5 team. Our ‘new year 5’ will also receive a welcoming booklet which tells the children what they can expect and look forward to. All children and parents will have the opportunity to meet the new class teacher in the Summer Term.

At KEVI, an extensive transition programme is run by a senior member of our team which aims to help vulnerable students with a variety of needs to cope with any stresses or practical problems associated with changing schools. Transition activities for Year 8 include ‘Bridge Building’ sessions and a Summer School for some which help to forge relationships with support staff at KEVI.

Further visits for those children who are particularly anxious about the move from First to Middle or Middle to High, are arranged either through consultation with the feeder school, or by parental request.