What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

We aim to ensure that your child’s learning needs are met whilst any emotional and behavioural difficulties are supported.

We do this by linking the various pastoral systems which are in place to support your child when appropriate if these needs occur. An active role is taken in helping pupils.

There are a variety of programmes in place to help your child with settling in and feeling comfortable in the school community. These include:

  • A personal development programme which can be undertaken if required which enables the pupil to develop skills with positive assertiveness and with making friends.
  • Nurture groups which run throughout the school year. These are delivered by ELSA-trained members of staff, who are highly experienced at supporting a range of emotional and behavioural needs.
  • A positive behaviour programme which is used at appropriate times for pupils with needs in these areas.

Medical Needs

There are a number of staff designated and trained in First Aid for all pupils:

  • Mrs Kerr is the person responsible at Chantry.
  • Mrs Culling is the person responsible at Newminster.

Further information is available in the Medical Needs Policy (to be published Summer 2016).