1. Be prepared for school and lessons

  • Wear the correct school uniform, including PE kit when required;
  • Be neat and tidy in appearance;
  • Have all equipment needed for lessons, such as pens, pencils, ruler, eraser etc., homework planner, homework, reading book and any other items required such as ingredients for food technology;
  • Take care of books, equipment and property; any damage caused by intent may result in charges needing to be made.

2. Work to your full potential and encourage others to do the same

  • Try your best, work hard and concentrate during all lessons
  • Do not disrupt lessons or distract others from working hard or doing their best

3. Be punctual for school and lessons

  • All pupils are expected to arrive punctually in the morning and for all lessons

4. Be polite, courteous and considerate towards others

  • Behaviour throughout all areas of the school, in lessons, at lunchtimes and breaktimes, and to and from school must be of a high standard at all times.

5. Respect the property of the school and the property of others

  • Take care with equipment, furniture, the buildings and school environment and other people’s belongings

6. Successful students always:

  • Arrive at lessons on time
  • Come to lessons properly equipped
  • Get on with learning (an allow others to do the same)
  • Give answers in an appropriate way
  • Respect others, their work and all equipment
  • Listen to, and follow, instructions the first time

This is what we expect from all students, at all times.Β  Our core values of achievement, aspiration, care, cooperation, creativity, respect, responsibility, reflection and resilience underpin these expectations.

The school code of conduct applies to everyone and for everyone, such that the school is a pleasant and harmonious working and learning environment for all.

Updated: September 2021