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Lets Colour Global Arts Project

Lets Colour In Progress 2

Last year, as part of the Bronze Arts Award, students from Chantry and Newminster in Year 8 have been working collaboratively to create 4 large murals to go up in the school grounds. Dulux have funded the project through Groundwork North East.

Arts Award




Each board represents a spiritual, moral, social, and cultural theme. The students developed their ideas together and used the Dulux weathershield paints with imagination.

The current Arts Award group are busy designing boards for Chantry, using different interpretations of SMSC:

unnamed (5)Cultural – ‘My design represents different countries and cultures interacting in a modern, technological world’ Emma Loughnane, Chantry

Moral – ‘I was inspired by Michelangelo’s hands for my own design. I have used lightening to show the connection between people’ Kate Seymour, Chantry

Other Projects

  • German art competition in collaboration with Newcastle University
  • The Suffragettes sculpture project with Sanderson Arcade
  • Arts Award showcased at Sage Gateshead for the North East Arts Award Conference
  • Pitman Painters art workshops at Woodhorn Museum for all Year 6 students
  • Rutherfords Christmas card competition
  • Performing at Sage Gateshead with the Morpeth Partnership schools for ‘A Night at the Movies’
  • Annual carol service at St James Church

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