During your time at Newminster you will have multiple opportunities to encounter employers and businesses. To get the most of what is on offer show an interest and explore these encounters with questions and make sure you have lots of career conversations at home. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind about what you want to do in the future. The possibilities are endless and the journey of your pathway will be exciting. 

Here is some information about embedded events at Newminster:

Hopes and Dreams Day – Year 5 

The core purpose of the day is to inspire and to begin to raise an awareness of a range of different careers and explore study pathways. We have worked with a range of external organisations for the students to experience direct encounters with employers / employees alike. 

Activities below give a flavour of the types of workshop we have included as part of the day. 

My future life – build a 3D model of their future life and consider what steps they will need to get there. 

Lifestyle and Budgets – Northern Rights worked with pupils to budget within their given salaries. 

Careers in the NHS – Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation trust using technology to view the human body and consider careers in the NHS 

North East Raising Aspirations Partnership – An introduction to University and learning about aspects of student life 

JET2- A brand champion will talk about the company and the roles, values and opportunities available within this organisation. 

Tesco – A brand champion will talk about the company and the roles, values and opportunities available within this organisation. 

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) – Key Stage 3 Girls 

INWED is an annual event developed and coordinated by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) to celebrate the achievements of women in engineering and inspire younger generations.

The core purpose of the day is to highlight female role models in the engineering industry so that the girls can make informed choices in the future in relation to their careers. 

We typically celebrate the day in June by creating opportunities for the girls in Key Stage three to get actively engaged in engineering themed activities. 

Examples of past activities are outlined below: 

Year 7 Girls 

The girls carried out a series of challenges in order to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. In addition the girls also built a 20m bridge provided by ICE (The Institute of Civil Engineers). Thankyou to Fritha and Holly from Stantec and the Civil engineering students from Newcastle University for facilitating this event. 

Year 8 Girls 

The girls’ visited Nissan in Sunderland to talk to female role models who work at Nissan. The contributors shared their career pathways and some very interesting facts about their jobs and training experiences. Thank you in particular to Heather and Ian at Nissan for facilitating the day. 

The core purpose of the day is to highlight female role models in the engineering industry so that the girls can make informed choices in the future in relation to their careers. 

Careers Conference – Year 8 

We host the annual careers conference event off site. The purpose of the day is to better prepare our students to make informed career choices for the future. The event highlights alternative careers pathways such as apprenticeships as well as the more traditional routes into employment.

The day comprises a careers speed dating session which involves the students grilling Employers and Business Ambassadors from a range of local employment sectors followed by workshops which offer further opportunities to explore some pathways in more depth through an interactive session. Typical contributors include the  Army, Police, RAF and the Navy. The workshops aim to highlight all the different roles in various organisations as well as key skills needed to be successful and addressed common misconceptions. The conference day is delivered in partnership with a range of organisations.

Enterprise Day – Whole school 

The day is delivered in collaboration with Northumberland Education Business Partnership and is supported by around  20  Business Ambassadors from a range of different sectors. Every year we adopt a new theme for example The Wedding’,  involved the students developing a range of employability and enterprise skills over the course of the day as they accepted the  challenge to design, build and promote their wedding planning business. The organisation of the day allows students to work in their house teams with vertical groupings creating a unique and memorable experience for the students. 

The intended outcome for the day is for the students to  develop their team and communication skills and overall practicing and developing key employability skills and at the same time deepening their understanding of financial literacy. 

British Science Day – Whole School 

We are incredibly proud of our STEM enrichment offer to our students as they move through the school. We hold our annual STEM day in March to coincide with British Science Week (BSW), which is a national  ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. Students from all year groups had the opportunity to take part in a range of workshops designed to make them go ‘wow!’.

British Science Day provides a platform to inspire students to learn more about the STEM subjects and an immersive experience with specialists who offer their expertise and an insight into the vast range of careers in the STEM sector. 

Personal Development Programme 

This is dedicated curriculum time on Friday afternoon to provide a unique curriculum experience to enable the development of skills, underpinned by the core values ( team working, co-operation, resilience, responsibility, reflection, care, creativity, respect) and the development of employability skills. For each year group there is a unit of work centered around Careers education, information and guidance. 

Please also take the time to look at the resources section for links to some fantastic sites for CEIAG. The immersive learning experience offers our students the opportunity to grow and learn. Here is a snapshot of what has been on offer. 

Year 5 

Democracy workshop

Author visit

Personal Safety workshop

Anti-bullying workshops

Christmas performance

Virgin Money Enterprise

Hopes and dreams – University visit (mechanical engineering)

Stadiums projects – Engineering

Nurture group

Online safety

Year 6 


Personal Safety


Growth Mindsets

Outdoor learning


Global citizens

Nurture group

Online safety

Year 7 



Forest Schools

Plessey Woods

Kite making


Police visit

Red cross coping strategies

Mental health


Nurture group

Online safety

Year 8 

Personality test

Visit to college/ 6th form/ university

Bolam Lake

Plessey Woods

Mitford Castle

Drugs Awareness

First Aid

Random bake of kindness


Police Visit

Homelessness and its effects – local Charity link

Cookery planning and preparation – community project

Nurture group

Arts Award

Online safety

For further information, please see our ‘Resources for All’ section of the website

Updated: September 2021