In middle school we  aim to provide a dynamic, personalised and innovative curriculum for all students designed to meet all individual needs and to ensure all students are equipped with both the skills and knowledge required to be successful in school and in the future.

Curriculum Aims

  • To enable all students to make good/excellent academic progress
  • To ensure all students have the access to high quality teaching and learning and have the opportunity to be successful and happy learners.
  • To ensure that our curriculum provides appropriate progression pathways for all our students across all key stages and raises aspirations
  • To promote the intellectual, moral and spiritual development of all students across the Learning Trust
  • To ensure that rich extra-curricular opportunities are firmly embedded into the curriculum provision across the Learning Trust

As our students progress into high school their subject choices may have an impact on what opportunities they can access such as college, university or apprenticeships. It is important to ensure that they think through all options before making any decisions.