A wide range of experiences and challenges are offered to enrich and enhance the curriculum. The school is arranged in four year groups.

Years 5 and 6 are grouped into four mixed ability classes. They spend much of their time studying general subjects with their class teachers, but may be taught by specialist teachers in Science, French, Art, Music, Technology and P.E. Children are also set for Numeracy, allowing additional support to children who need it.

In Years 7 and 8 children are placed into ability sets for Maths, English, Science and Modern Foreign Languages according to previous attainment using both National Test results and teacher assessments from Year 6. Both years are taught by specialist teachers. Children with learning difficulties in these years are given support in the classroom. In all year groups very able children are given enrichment and extension activities when appropriate.

Every class has a form teacher who is responsible for pastoral care. Each year group has a Director of Learning and Teaching, with overall responsibility for the welfare of all children in that year group.