Chantry and Newminster choir performed the Christmas musical ‘Home for Christmas’, along with carols, to a packed church full of parents, carers, governors, staff and friends of the schools at St James Church Wednesday 18th December. 
The story of ‘Home for Christmas’
It’s a manic pre-Christmas shopping day and the streets are packed with bargain hunters.  No-one notices homeless Kate falling on the pavement, apart from Nicky and Paul, who help her up. When they offer to help Kate to get home, Nicky and Paul find out that she has no home – except for a cardboard box.

Shocked, the children want to help Kate. They go and tell their mother about her, but Mum is just angry to hear that they have been talking to a homeless stranger. As Christmas draws nearer, the children can’t get Kate out of their

minds.  In the end they persuade their mum to help …

Parent comments from emails and the CMS and NMS Creative Arts Facebook Page 
Absolutely brilliant, heartfelt, emotive production.
Amazing performance, thanks everyone.
My husband and I had the pleasure of watching this production this afternoon. We were blown away by the talent from everyone involved. Such a heartwarming production. Thank you.
What a superb production with a beautiful message.
Wonderfully acted with fabulous singing. Some truly beautiful voices.
The pupils in this production were a true credit to the middle schools in Morpeth. I am delighted to have seen the performance. Well done everyone!