Resources for all

An article from the Guardian parents on how best to support their children in their career choices: Encourage individuality; Open your mind to alternatives; Encourage networking; Be prepared to let go.

This site is particularly aimed at parents with various topics to explore including understanding the job market with specific links to labour market information.

This site offers information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work. The job profiles are highly recommended!

A bbc resource with video links to career options, employability and further education.

Check out hundreds of career video interviews for careers inspiration and information from young people who do the jobs. Wondering what career would work for you? Choosing A Levels or GCSEs? Planning work experience? Deciding what job,apprenticeship or education would be best? It’s easier to make these decisions if you know what the options are.

Careersbox is the national careers film library, a free careers resource showing hundreds of real people doing real jobs.

This site has Career Zones for you to find out all about the different jobs you can do, what to study and how to get there, whether you’re planning to leave school or heading to college or uni. We’ve packed each zone with helpful interviews, advice and links to set you on the right path to career superstardom.

icould is a small, dynamic charity, providing career inspiration and information for young people. We show what is possible in work and offer different ways to think about careers through free access to over 1000 personal video stories, detailed job information, plus practical tips, insight and advice.

Our mission is to provide free one-to-one career guidance to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and to break down barriers to social mobility. Our advice is delivered by professionally qualified advisers volunteering from within the independent sector. These individuals are motivated by their shared passion for making career and educational opportunities available to all – regardless of background, affluence or connections.

Resources for teachers

An online match-making platform, they connect schools and colleges with appropriate volunteers from a range of sectors and professions that match their particular requirements.

A local hub to access STEM Ambassadors to support STEM enrichment.

The Talking Jobs learning materials have been mapped to the ACEG Framework for careers and work related learning. This framework is a key driver for schools and colleges working towards Investor in Careers and other quality awards.

Interview skills and more to prepare young people for the 21st century workplace.

A fun enterprise programme to engage students in core areas of the curriculum.

Useful resources to help you deliver jobs and careers advice to your school, college or family.

Assemblies that can be customised.

A website to make it easy for teachers and careers advisers to access the latest information about apprenticeships.

North East Ambition toolkit 3 videos supporting the regional labour market, routes to more and better jobs and raising aspirations. Supporting adaptable resources.

Resources for parents/carers

Careers information and advice from the careers writer association.

An article from the Guardian parents on how best to support their children in their career choices: Encourage individuality; Open your mind to alternatives; Encourage networking; Be prepared to let go!

Labour market information

The Portal provides, at a glance, access to local information about the population, employment, economy, industry movements, job vacancies, and the numbers of people claiming out of work benefits, enabling Advisors and Policy Makers to keep abreast of developments within the local labour market.

The North East Local Enterprise Partnership (North East LEP) is a public, private and education sector partnership. They produce the area’s Strategic Economic Plan, which is a blueprint for the activities that need to take place to improve our economy. It is worth looking at the areas of opportunity.