Mr S Taylor
Mrs E Kinninment
Deputy Headteacher:

Teaching, Learning & CPD

Assistant Headteacher:

Curriculum & Enrichment 

Assistant Headteacher:

Safeguarding, Inclusion & SENDCo

Mrs J Woolley Mrs S Razzaqi Mrs J Hamilton
Curriculum Leader for English  TBC
Curriculum Leader for Maths  Mrs M Richardson

Year 5 Pastoral Team

 Mr R Jensen  Director of Learning & Teaching for Year 5
 Mrs S O’Brien
 Mr G McMullen
 Mrs B Mole
 Mrs K McCarrick
 Mrs E Aynsley

Year 6 Pastoral Team

 Mrs M Perkins  Director of Learning & Teaching for Year 6 / Curriculum Leader for RE
 Mrs N Fea  Curriculum Leader for PSHE
 Mrs Z Foot  Reading Lead
 Miss K Stokoe

Year 7 Pastoral Team

Mr A Cottiss  Director of Learning & Teaching for Year 7 / Curriculum Leader for MFL
Mrs E Urwin  Curriculum Leader for Science
Mrs S Brinkhurst
Mrs H Evans
Mrs A Shelley
Mrs M Garner

Year 8 Pastoral Team

 Mr J Riley  Director of Learning and Teaching for Year 8 and Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC)
 Mrs R Bowler  Curriculum Leader for Computer Science
 Mrs M Quinn  Curriculum Leader for History
 Mrs T Wilkinson
 Miss M Cunningham

Teaching Staff

 Mrs C Jones  Curriculum Leader for Creative Arts
 Mr I Dick  Curriculum Leader for PE
 Mrs R Robinson  Curriculum Leader for Technology
 Mrs E Robinson
 Mrs K Simpson

Associate Staff

 Senior Teaching Assistants  Business Manager
 Mrs L Knight  Ms C Damer
 Mrs J Weston
 Headteacher’s PA and Admin Manager
 Teaching Assistants  Mrs S Hall
 Mrs A Dakin
 Miss C Kidd  Admin Assistants
 Mrs K Newton  Miss L Finch
 Miss A Crowe  Mrs R Lemin
 Mrs L Sanderson
 Ms Z Rusby  Library Assistant
 Mrs V Rogers
 Higher Level Teaching Assistants
 Mrs S McMahon  Catering Team
 Mrs E Rough  Mrs A Hoyle – Catering Manager
 Mr T Gomolka  Mrs D Henderson – Cook
 Mrs S Henderson – Assistant Cook
 Home School Link Worker  Mrs L Watt
 Ms S Patterson  Ms K Grimes
 Mrs V Williamson
 IT Technician  Mrs J MacDonale
 Mr P Holmes
 Cleaning Staff  Caretakers
 Ms M Harland  Mr P Wigham
 Mr K Charlton  Mr G Blackett
 Mrs P Coulson
 Ms K Grimes  School Counsellor
 Miss M Chapman  Mrs S Railton
 Mrs V Williamson  Ms C Doogan [Volunteer]

Updated: April 2022