Development of the Three Rivers Learning Trust

We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on the position of The Three Rivers Learning Trust, in relation to a number of proposed changes at both a local and a national level.

Attached is a summary of our position, in regards to Northumberland County Council’s proposed investment into education in Morpeth. We have worked very closely with colleagues at NCC to date, although we do not believe that the original proposal to relocate the three schools of the Trust, along with Morpeth First School to the County Hall site will enhance the organisation or delivery of educational provision for students within the Trust. We have responded to this effect through the consultation process, and hope to be able to discuss with NCC an alternative proposal for investment in education and leisure for Morpeth in due course.

The government’s White Paper, “Educational excellence everywhere”, published in March 2016, has wide ranging implications for all schools, which must become academies, or part of a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), by 2022. As an existing MAT, the Three Rivers is not required to change, but we may be approached by other schools that would wish to join our Trust. Our position is to consider any approach constructively and to work with schools to consider the most appropriate and beneficial way forward. Our summary position statement particularly outlines our aspiration to support Morpeth Partnership schools as they review their position in the light of the White Paper.

The schedule of house building projected for Morpeth and other partnership areas will, in time, bring a growth in the school aged population who wish to be educated through Morpeth Partnership schools. The three schools of the Learning Trust are oversubscribed in almost all year groups, and we are working with our feeder schools, NCC and with the Department for Education, with the aim of meeting the anticipate growth in demand.

Please take time to read our summary Position Statement, and be reassured that directors and school leaders of the Three Rivers will continue to work with our local partners to provide strategic leadership in admissions arrangements and in the organisation of education for the Three Rivers and the Morpeth Partnership.

Yours sincerely

Paul Carvin, Chair

Simon Taylor, Executive Headteacher

Please click here to see the summary of our position.


KS2 Health & Wellbeing day

IMG_0901Year 5s and 6s thoroughly enjoyed a range of workshops exploring how to build up their social skills, fitness, health and confidence on Health and Wellbeing day. Pupils said they felt ‘calm and relaxed’ doing the zendoodles and Beamish quilt activities. Year 5s loved testing out the healthy smoothies made by the Yr 8 leaders and some tried them out at home.

Other pupils really took to the active Zumba, circus skills and Hoopstarz sessions and thought that they ‘helped you to learn not to give up but try til you got it right’.

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Fishing at Thrunton – Saturday 14th May

FullSizeRenderWhat a day! The sun was shining, the fish were jumping and the lodge at Thrunton was full of Trout Ticklers eager to go! Students from Chantry and Newminster arrived with their parents in tow for what was to be a great morning’s fishing.

We monopolised the top bank of the far lake where we all stood, casting our flies into the murky depths . Four instructors were on hand and in no time at all, the students were casting like professionals. The parents were very positive about the day and commented on the facilities and service we received from Thrunton Fisheries. Sport was slow but started to pick up near the end with two trout taken.

Well done to Elliot G, who caught a 2lb fish, which he returned to the water, and to Scott A, who also caught a 2lb fish, who was taken home to eat for supper!

Well done to everyone who attended and special mention to; Chloe H – a stalwart TT member and very enthusiastic! Nathaniel H – a very determined caster! Conall F – an excitable fisher! Joseph J – great casting, in a great spot, great determination – better luck next time.

It is hoped there will be a further opportunity to fish at Thrunton on Saturday 25th June – watch this space for further information!

6th Annual Mini Literary Quiz

IMG_2964 (1)Our 6th Annual Mini Lit Quiz will be held at Chantry on the afternoon of Friday, June 10th finishing at 4pm. This literary competition gives children who’ve always loved to read a chance to display their knowledge and win prizes for it!

Topics will be very wide-ranging and teams can expect questions on every type of fiction, including comic strips, picture books and the classics as well as current popular novels. There will be a Pictionary round and, as knowledge is acquired from reading, there may be a little general knowledge thrown in as well!

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Chantry and Newminster Science Showcase Event

IMG_0734Year 7 students from Chantry and Newminster Middle Schools recently presented their Science investigation work to parents, friends and visiting judges.

The students have been working towards the British Science Association’s Bronze CREST Award over the last few months. This has involved them planning an investigation, carrying out experiments, collecting results and making sense of them. The students are also encouraged to present their investigation work to the wider community, which helps to sharpen their scientific communication skills.

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School Food Showdown Winners

Well done to the green peas team Mrs Perkins and her year 6 helpers who won the School food showdown this afternoon by a very narrow margin. Their healthy chicken stir fry just won. Congratulations also to the red chilli team Miss White and her year 5 team who whipped up a lovely healthy ratatouille and thank you to Ian from School Food Showdown for entertaining us and demonstrating how in  only 15 mins healthy food can be made.

School Food Showdown

imageOn Friday 6th May we are very fortunate to have ‘School Food Showdown’ booked to present their healthy eating cooking show to Years 5 and 6.

There will be some familiar chefs in the kitchen too! Pupils will judge using red and green cards at the end of the show. Photographs to follow and good luck to the participants….


A Leicester City Poem

Leicester City’s incredible success has inspired David Jenkinson in Year 7 to put ‘pen to paper’ and write this poem – we hope you enjoy it!

It’s OK when you’re doing well,

At the top of the league and winning,

But oh the sorrow of defeat,

It takes away any grinning.


Blame the players, the manager, the boss,

‘Coz staying up is all that matters,

No one wants to drop a league,

You can hear the fan’s hearts shatter.


While the Magpies struggle,

The Foxes fly from Championship to Prem

The fans are screaming,

The manager’s dreaming,

And the players are earning a gem.

David Jenkinson, Year 7