Curriculum Rationale

A revised National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014.  As a consequence of this we have undertaken a major rewrite and update of the curriculum across all year groups over the last 3 years. This is subject to a continual process of evaluation and review and further curriculum collaboration continues as we work with High School colleagues to ensure that the KS3 curriculum appropriately prepares students for the more challenging demands of the KS4 curriculum.

In doing so, the following aims have been central to the development of our current curriculum.  We have aimed to ensure that the curriculum:

  • Is broad and balanced;
  • Is interesting and engaging;
  • Encourages depth of learning as well as breadth;
  • Allows for the appropriate support and challenge such that all learners can make excellent progress, regardless of their starting points;
  • Builds on previous learning and allows for progression within a subject;
  • Creates opportunity for different types of learning e.g. practical, creative etc.;
  • Develops skills throughout e.g. literacy and numeracy;
  • Develops personal skills of teamwork, independence, resilience etc.
  • Incorporates our 9 Core Values
  • Supports the development of students spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding

Alongside the ongoing development of the curriculum, assessment frameworks have also been devised and these can be seen in greater detail in the ‘curriculum, assessment and reporting’ section of the website.

As well as our core curriculum offer, our enrichment curriculum is equally important to ensure that we are truly able to fulfill our commitment to ensure that we ‘foster academic and personal development in a caring and challenging environment so that each child can achieve his or her potential.’

If you require any further information with regard to the curriculum in a year group or subject, please do not hesitate to contact the respective Director of Learning and Teaching and/or the Curriculum Leader for a subject.  Staff details can be found here.