Year 7 Catch-up Premium Grant

The Department for Education has allocated a small sum of money (£3635 expected for 2018-19) to support those students in Year 7 who did not achieve the expected levels in reading, writing and / or maths at the end of Key Stage 2.

These funds are used to support a range of interventions including:

  • literacy intervention programmes e.g. Lexia, Sound Training and IDL
  • handwriting intervention 
  • additional intervention support for literacy and numeracy throughout the curriculum
  • small group intervention
  • reading mentors
  • homework club
  • greater personalisation, monitoring and emotional support for key individuals
  • additional in lesson support and interventions

2018/19 Funding

In 2018/19, we will continue to be use the ‘catch up’ grant as described above, with increasing levels of personalisation to individual half termly intervention programmes. In 2018-19 the catch up grant is being used to specifically support:


  • 27 children in reading


  • 12 children in writing


  • 10 children in maths

2017/18 Funding 

As a result of the planned support and intervention in place in 2017/18 significant progress was made by those students who did not reach the expected standard at the end of Year 6.


  • 19 / 22 students achieved the expected standard by the end of Y7


  • 21 / 30 students achieved the expected standard in writing by the end of Y7


  • 17 / 22 students achieved the expected standard in maths by the end of Y7

Updated: September 2018

Review date: August 2019