Enterprise Day 2018

The day is delivered in collaboration with Northumberland Education Business Partnership and is supported by in the region of 20 Business Ambassadors from a range of different sectors. Every year there is a theme for example recently the ‘School’s Cool’ theme, involved the students developing a range of employability and enterprise skills over the course of the day as they accepted the challenge to design, build and promote their ‘ideal school’. The organisation of the day allows students to work in house teams with each class and group comprising of students from year five through to year eight.

The intended outcome for the day is for the students to  develop their team and communication skills and overall practicing and developing key employability skills and at the same time deepening their understanding of financial literacy.

Quotes from the students…

“I really enjoyed the ‘schools cool’ activity, it was a challenge but it improved my teamwork skills.”

“It was fun to practice what life will be like in the business industry.”

“I have enjoyed working with younger students.”